I had to take a pause
For the cause
Something about you
Miles away…So far
Yet you seem
To know the path to
My heart…
We want the same thing
A real and loyal love
Without any mistrust and
I know it won’t be easy
Know it won’t be a walk
In the park…
But I want to be
The last your thought
When you lie
In the dark
Need you to know
I’m won’t stray
When we’re apart…

I had to take
A pause for you…
Cause I haven’t
Been inspired in awhile
Haven’t felt the
Urge to go an extra mile
But you make
Me smile
You make the
Sacrifice worth the while
Patience has never
Been my thing
I tend to run
And throw in the towel
Cause someone
Always treats me

But I took
A Pause…
Opened my heart
To a possibility of
You and me
Pushed away
Any fear of doubt
And negativity
Only to have
You do what everyone
Else does to me…
Disappoint and leave…

Billie Simone © 2017


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