Don’t “Hey Stranger” me. I’m no stranger. I am right here where you left me. If you really wanted me or wanted to build a friendship, relationship with me, you have always known how to find me…

It’s funny how a person can block you…on all social media networks, their phone, their life, after they have left their “essence” all over your body, and bed…Only to hit you up months, a year or so later with some bullshit like, “Hey Stranger” are you kidding me? Are we friends? Oh…now you want to be friends…I see. Like…what you need some money or you want to fuck? Why…why are you interrupting my flow with this random ass text? Checking on me? Ha…Life is good…

I am never bitter; usually relieved when someone ultimately leaves my life. Cause I’m forever pushing a bitch away. I mourn for months though. I cry on the inside, and sit in my failures, beating myself internally… after all, I should have known better…

I’ve been through enough to know what’s good for me, and what’s not. Yet, I still open myself over and over again for the possibility of actually being loved. Sometimes I let people come back in…for whatever reason it may be. But one thing is for sure…when I am done, it’s over…forever. If I have to climb out of my love for you, after I’ve purposely fallen, I will never fall again…

If I have to stop loving you, I won’t love you the same ever again. It takes a LOT of effort for me to stop loving someone, so if I am forced to not love you… I won’t. Time heals the heartbreaks, but the scars are reminders of love loss. Thus, I do not repeat history…

Everyone deserves a pass or two, or twenty. Lord knows I do. My armor is mad thick…and the key is peeling the layers back. I will bitch, I will moan, I will be reluctant, I will be mean. It will take…some time. Depending on the kind of woman you are, you will either survive or succumb. It’s your…choice. I have yet to meet a woman with the patience, intelligence, the tenacity, the strength, and sexuality to understand how to get to the core of me. It is what it is… I’m a good womyn…I know this….

Breaks ups are awful, but apart of the relationship process. People have their expectations, and I honestly have none. I know your intentions the moment you look into my eyes. I feel your truth and lies before you speak. I taste your love before you open your legs. I know when you are coming before we touch. I know when all you want is a good…fuck. I don’t know how I know these things, but I do… I just wait for you…to do… you.

So don’t “Hey Stranger” me… cause the only reason you’re hitting me after all this time is cause you want something from me…and I’d rather you simply keep it 💯 with me…and if you knew me at all, you’d know this already…

Billie Simone © 2017


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