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SUITE 69: Black Lesbian Erotica, Volume 4 – The Final Chapter

Poetry & Photography By Billie Simone
Winter 2016


“Intimate Friends”

intimate friends
a novel by billie simone

four childhood friends, bonded by their initmate relationships, are forced to make life-altering decisions in their adult friendships.

Breon, a music store owner, and DJ finds herself at a crossroads when she meets the woman of her dreams. For years she has played the game of love, and lost, and is not interested in a long-term relationship. But when she meets Janay, an artist, her life is suddenly filled with color and not the black and white she’s lived in all her life.

Richard Love IV is not your average black man. He is a man of opulence, and is only accustomed to the finer things in life. He’s only been in love once, and vows never to love another. However, the person he loves is his best friend Marcus Davis; who is married to a woman and has a son. When Richard meets Trent, a former drug dealer recently released from prison, he quickly learns to never judge a book by it’s cover.

Randall Love aka Randi, is Richard’s twin sister. She loves her life as CPA, and co-owner of the hottest gay club in Houston, Texas, “Club Love”. She is stunning and can have anyone she wants. But she has never been comfortable loving a woman openly. After having an affair with her male employer for over two years, she is forced to choose between him, and the only person she has ever loved…Breon.

Marcus Davis is just your average dude from the streets of Third Ward, Texas. He studied hard, and got an academic scholarship to Loyola University, although he could have easily gotten a music scholarship anywhere. He plays over 10 instruments and he and Breon are the very best of friends. Raised by his grandparents, he is a very traditional, and conservative guy. He and Richard had fallen in love in high school, but during his senior year at Loyola he pledged a fraternity. One night at a party he was drunk, and slept with a classmate, and a month later she is pregnant. And because of the way he was raised, Marcus turned his back on his one true love and married the young mother.

it’s 10 years later…since the birth of Marcus Jr., and the four have all managed to stay the best of friends despite the love, sexual tension, hurt feelings, and secrets. but now that they are older, their desires for true love and happiness are the only things that matters.

Summer 2KX
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