Muhammad Ali has always been an important figure in my home… My grandfather, Samuel Harris, Sr. took a lot of pride in his work.   Here he is in 1967,writing a life insurance policy on the infamous boxer and philanthropist.  This picture and several others were the first images I can remember ever seeing, and they remain in our family today. 

To many this is a photo of Muhammad Ali with a man and woman…maybe a contract signing or something.  But to me…this is my grandfather, an entrepreneur, a Black man in the late 60’s, before I was even born, sitting across one the most powerful and (Black or White) influential men of the time.  And yes…signing a life insurance policy… On the Heavyweight Champion of the world??  Wow…Thus, today…every time I take a photo,  I am reminded that my images will live forever, and impact others for the rest of their lives.  

Rest in Peace, Muhammad Ali.  You will be missed.  Peace, love,and light to the entire Ali family…you are in my prayers.





Excerpt from:

VIBE: What type of woman would it take for you to settle down?

TUPAC: A very, very, very strong woman, and one who is more in love with me than I was, because I have to be more in love with her than she is, and that’s what it is. Every time I fall in love with a woman, I don’t fall in love with the woman she is, I fall in love with the woman that she could be. I haven’t found a woman yet that fits up to my standards, and I’m sure that I don’t fit up to anybody’s standards, but I haven’t found one yet. But I’ve found ones that I think that have the potential to be the rawest woman in the world, you know what I mean? I feel like it’s natural for a man, especially being black, to feel like he’s the king, and he’s looking for his queen, and that’s where I’m at right now. You can’t be a king until you’ve made yourself, until you’ve done something, and I’ve accomplished my goals, my goals I set out to become a man. Now I feel that I’m a man now, I set out goals to make me a king; not a king of anybody else, but me. Nobody else is under my rule but me and my kids, you know what I mean? But I made myself into a king, now I need a queen to be happy so I that can be a teacher and a father. I can’t be that until I find a queen, so I’m stuck in limbo.

I LOVED Tupac Shakur. I prayed for him to live…hoping he would recover from the wounds, and continue to bless us. Often misunderstood, I could listen to Tupac and not feel so alone.

I still have his first cassette. I bought it solely after seeing his first video on BET, “If The Homies Call”. No one in Houston was jamming that tape yet, and by the time they really started feeling Pac, I was already a die hard fan. He spoke to me. I can’t describe it. But I found his work so poetic, and I wasn’t surprised to see him rise to the top.

I miss him…

I wonder what he would think of the world today…and I wonder if he would have found his Queen…



You were the first…the first poet…writer that sparked something within me that made me feel I could create too… I love you and wish you Peace on your journey…You were…indeed A Phenomenal Woman…