I need you here…
I need to be fed
I need to kiss your
Succulent lips
And part your sexy legs
I need to taste you
Put my tongue deep
Inside your love
Slide my hand in softly
I bet it would fit
Like a glove…

I need you woman…
I need to feel you
Next to me
I want to witness your
Pussy get wet
For me…
I want to feel
Your clit and
Lips vibrate on me…
I want to see
Your face when
You cum for me…

I need you…
Yes you…and only you…
I need to know
What you gon’ do
When I come for you…
I need you now
Not later, or maybe…
I need you sitting
On my face on a daily
I need to be
Inside your pussy like it’s
Mine baby…

Billie Simone © 2016




I am heartbroken. So I did what I had to do. I hit up the muses, and two fell through. One rolled up the weed, while the other fixed up the drinks. My living room was full of smoke. We drank. We toked. We laughed. We talked. It was the foreplay.

Muse#1 begin to dance to the music. “Shadow Dance” by the Internet blared from my Beats pill, and we were all feeling good. Muse#2 joined in and begin to undress. I sat on the sofa watching…my mental dick got hard as a rock.

I sat on the sofa, watching the two beautiful women dancing in the nude. I couldn’t sit still…I slid my hand down my pants and begin to touch myself. Muse#1 noticed my solo action, and came over and begin to pull my Vans off…my pants and boxer briefs were next. She kneeled down in front of me on her knees, and put her mouth on me. My back arched, and I pulled her head deeper inside in my sex. She always knows just how to taste me.

Muse#2 knew what to do. She came over to the sofa, and stood above me. I lifted my head and pulled her warm pussy to my mouth and lost myself in her delicious sex. I sucked on her clit while finger-fucking her tight pussy. She rode my face just like I like it, and melted down my throat just like I knew she would. And before I knew it I was coming in Muse#1’s mouth. We all collapsed right there on the sofa.

Shortly thereafter we all retreated to the bedroom. Muse#2 lay on her back and Muse#1 crawled on top of her and they begin to grind on each other. It was so fucking hot, I strapped up, and slid behind Muse#1. I fucked her slow, but with deep long strokes until we all came again. We passed out. And woke up this morning…and did it all over again…

Now we’re having Brunch… I made us French toast, bacon, eggs, and mimosas. Still heartbroken, and vulnerable. Still hoping for the best. But grateful for the cum stains in my bed…

Billie Simone © 2015



I’m full of you…
I got the itis
I can’t eat another bite…
But let me
Catch my breath…
And I just might…

Billie Simone © 2014



I want to feel your
heartbeat in my throat when your
love starts to erupt…

Billie Simone © 2014


#TasteHerTuesday – pt3

Please…and thank you…


I want to wear your woman perfume. Indulge in its wondrous bouquet. Mahogany-African-brown suga-blackness. Sink into your DNA. Praises your salty-sweet salvation. Give my taste buds redemption. Sanctified. Holy ghost filled. Water baptized. Indulge in your flavor. Have it become glazed in your wetness. Become submerged. Finds the soft shell. Discovers your pearl. Move slow. Then sudden. Unannounced. Suck on you quick. Fast. Swift pulls on your clit. Intense. Tug on it with soft yet firm pulls. Increase my tempo. Suck until you can feel the dreadful crease of your eye brows. The unattractive shapes your mouth contorts into. Cuss. Swear. Use blasphemous language. Suck until I can feel your spasms on my tongue
Fee. The pulse of your flower’s heartbeat. Suck until you can feel your head spin. Your eyes blink. Squeeze tight. Open wide. Then stop…
Watch your body collapse. Become limp. Relived yet frustrated. Feeling robbed of…

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So wet
So warm…
We fit like
Hand in glove
And I love when you
Pull my hair
When I’m down
I swear…
She’s the best I ever
Mad I have to share
Her essence
With the fools in
Your past…

Hello. My name is Billie
And I’m addicted to that ass
Can’t resist your love
It will be never be enough
Woman I wish I could
Have you for breakfast
lunch…and dinner
Feel free to slide
And slither
All over my body
Rock me baby
Like my back ain’t got
No bone…
Make my face
Your happy home
And I promise
You…I will never
Leave you alone…
I won’t stray
Never dip…play games
Or put lips
On another…
I put that on
My mother…

So yes…please…Cum over…

Billie Simone © 2014



Every night
I shut my eyes tight
Settle in my bed
Say a prayer
And I make love to you…

I kiss your soft lips
And lick your

I suck on your neck
Find your tongue
And kiss you deeply

I caress your succulent breasts
Nibble your nipples
And you moan
Softly…whisper my name
Your voice makes
Me melt all over

I make love to you…
Our bodies are magnets
You taste fantastic
And I lose myself
In the flavor of you…

I fuck you…
You part your legs wide
And your eyes
Invite me to put
My love…on your love…
And when we
Connect it’s

I fuck you…
I get so deep
I feel your heartbeat
I fuck you
So good you
Cum all over me…

Yeah…I fuck you
And never touch you
And you never
Even know…

I make love to you…
Every single night…

Billie Simone © 2014