House Of Nauls

My baby…my beautiful sister got married yesterday… It was so incredibly beautiful!

We are seven years apart… I wasnt always nice to her, but she’s always been my number one fan…and I hers…

She has a wonderful, supportive, diverse tribe…a select few…but the some of the most extraordinary humans I’ve ever had the pleasure of spending time with…

Her and her husband have been together over 10 years, and when they decided to get married, I was elated. I am incredibly excited for them, and can’t wait to see their love grow into a beautiful family… Watching them…from day one…and to see them where they are today, is a true picture of REAL…unconditional love… And its a beautiful thing…



I think about him every day… He doesn’t even know. (SMILE) He was my first…”my most favorite person in the world”. He…has always been my protector. More than blood…more than just a cousin…a brother… A black man…my personal Black Man… My view and representation of what a man could, would, and should be. Never a disappointment…we grew apart though…but still… I think about him every day. And he was out protecting the streets of Atlanta tonight… See… When I say fuck the police…I will never include him. Cause he is actually one of the good guys… He’s not one of those hypocrites. He’s the real deal.. He ain’t the system. He is just a Brother…trying to make a living and feed his family.

We haven’t talked. I haven’t asked him what his views are. We haven’t had any dialogue about what he tells his sons about being Black in Amerikkka; considering he is one of “them”. He doesn’t know that I worry every single day and night about his safety, yet…at the same time…I feel a little safer…cause I know he is out there…protecting me…and serving Atlanta. (Smile). He has no idea how proud of him I am.

First born male grandchild
Of the family bloodline
4 months… 6 days apart
He holds the
Biggest piece of
My broken heart…
First cousin…
More like Brother…
Him & I

He just sent me a text that he was safe… I can breathe. Cause after all…he is still a Black man in Amerikkka… I worry about him too… Every single day. Even if he is the “law”… ❤️ #Kat #AtlantaSwat ✊#Respect



I saw this and I wanted to share it for those who love each other unconditionally and plan to spend the rest of your lives together.

Although I am UNLOVEABLE, and this does not apply to me or my future, it truly touched my heart. To me, it explains what unconditional love is. It’s nice to know that people actually believe in commitment and forever. To the couples who aren’t breaking up no matter what…I wish you love and happiness….

Kurt Smith says:
In any romantic relationship the key to success is falling in love over and over again with your partner. Whether you are married or not, it’s the truth.

We often think of the act of falling in love as a one time occurrence at the beginning of our relationship. And for many of us when we “fall out of love” we think it’s a sign that the relationship is over and it’s time to move on.

The truth is that in most relationships we will go through continuous cycles of falling in love, falling out of love, and falling in love again. That’s the key — falling in love again. In a relationship love just isn’t a feeling that happens and stays. It’s one that comes back with work.

If we want our relationships to last, we need to recognize that those periods when we don’t “feel” like we’re in love anymore are only temporary — if we’ll do the work to fall in love over again.



Today one of my best friends of my entire life is celebrating her 13th anniversary with her beautiful companion. No…I didn’t stutter…13 years…

I clearly remember the first time I saw them together. It was during the Westheimer Festival. Lovie was on the corner of Montrose @ Westheimer
facing painting…it was hot as hell that day…As Paine and I approached her, we almost stepped on a beautiful sister sitting on the curb counting money.
It was Free.

I remember seeing the smile on Lovie’s face as she finished up her client, and said to me “Did you see her? That’s my girl…” I turned and to my surprise Free appears and Lovie gives her the money she had just made. She then introduces us to Free. I swear on a stack of bibles, I instantly felt the love between those two.

We chatted…we laughed…and then Paine and I went on our way. But I looked back to take a another glance at the new couple and saw them smiling at one another. I turned to Paine and said… “They are going to be together forever…”

It’s 13 years later…

Over the years, I’ve always admired the couple. Truth be told, they are the “model” for many of their friends relationships. Everyone wants a love like FreeLove. We all inquire… “what’s the secret”. We all look to them for advice when we have troubles with our partners. We all wish our girls were sweet, understanding, and supportive like Free. All the girls wish their bois/men were a little more attentive, chivalrous, and laid-back like Love.
We all watch, take notes, and hope that maybe one day…one day…we’ll have something half as pure as their love for one another.

I’m not saying it’s been a perfect journey. Everyday is a struggle.
But they are different than most.
They are committed. I honestly believe NOTHING can come between the two.
They have been faced with obstacles through the years. Neither are perfect.
Yet in my eyes, they are perfect for one another.

Today I celebrate LOVE through two of my best friends, and I wish them many many more. I see us old and gray, laughing about all the times we shared, telling our grandchildren stories about each other, looking in their history books and seeing our faces…

I see us… [smile]


Summertime! Back in the day, the summer meant the world to me. It meant…”No School”…it meant I can spend months doing what I loved; reading, writing, watching television, going to the movies, Fondren Great Skate, and spending time with my grandparents. But most of all…the anticipation of summer meant a many day and night at one of Houston’s most prized possessions, and in my opinion, one of our greatest landmarks…

It’s been five years since they closed our haven; our place of adolescent entertainment and discovery. I remember being at Windsor Village Elementary, and doing everything to have perfect attendance just so I can go to Astroworld with my classmates.

I remember the lines at Kroger, filled with kids for Season Passes. I remember when Waterworld was built and when the Greased Lighting debuted in 1978 at Fright Night.

I miss the rides…the sounds…the constant chatter and laughter of children and adults. You could be broke, and still have the time of your life.

While many of us spent our summers at Astroworld in our youth, the moment we were able to work, where did we go? Astroworld!

When I am on 610 and I pass by that mass of land, I can barely look to my right… How could they do it? How could they disassemble my childhood?

Most of our children will never ride the Texas Cyclone, Greased Lighting, The Bamboo Shoot, nor ride high above and across the park in that thing…I forget the name!

My sister, cousins, and friends all had season passes. Some of us met our first love at Astroworld; had our first kiss driving the old school cars.

I remember the anticipation of it’s opening every Spring! What new rides are there going to be? And who could forget the concerts? Every “Fresh Fest” was where? Astroworld’s Southern Star Amphitheater!

I feel robbed. The youth of Houston,Texas and surrounding cities…are being robbed.

There was “FRIGHT NIGHT”, “WINTER WONDERLAND” how could they say we weren’t coming? How could they say they weren’t making money? I guess it’s just…business…

But for 37 years, there was a place in “Da H” that gave joy to children all over the world. That place was Astroworld. And I will cherish my Astroworld memories forever!

Not Just a Mother

I’ve decided…I don’t want to be just a mother…but a GRANDmother…a GREAT GRAND mother…just like our MeMe…

We will miss you so much! *tear

“who loves you baby?”

Did you know that if you did not have any life insurance, and if your family could / would not pay the funeral expenses, you would be placed in a cardboard coffin…NAKED? True story…

Have you ever wondered what would happen to you should you become ill? Who would take care of you?

Your things you’ve accumlated over the years if you lost your home?

Your finances?

Would it be your mother, your father, sister, brother, cousin, aunt, uncle, god-father, husband, wife, lover…friend?

Who do you trust with your dignity? Your pride? Should you become bed-ridden and had to wear pampers or have a bag attached to you? Or your breast or both breasts removed?

Who would be apart of your life should you become terminally ill, paralyzed, and/or handicap in any form of fashion?

Who would put you in a nursing home?

Think about it……….