7.11.2016 – Mood Musik

Inside the sky of me and you lives a star / Let’s ride the galaxy and find who we are… – Maxwell


FREESTYLE: “1 Night”

“1 night”

All I need is
1 night
1 pad
1 pen
A box of sweet wine ‘rillos
And my ziggy can
And mannnn
I’m like a writng machine
Sleepers can dream
I’m notoriously nocturnal
spitting out infernos
It’s gon’ be a whole
Lotta crying
At my funeral…
Believe that
I am b-girl…not rap
And if it’s wack I’ll smack
That mic out ya hand
Cause like Lyte I
Cram 2 Understand
How imposters think they gotta
Posture beside me
When I’m ahead of the game
And these lames are behind me…
I’m amused…quite tickled even
That you spit that wack shit and
Think we…even…
I’m a pro…I’m vet and passed on the
I’m too dope..too content…and too fucking real…

All I need is
1 night
1 mic
A stage and a crowd of people
And when I’m done yo’
They screamin’ for my sequel
I murder tracks like I’m anthrax
More addictive than crack, meth, or smack…
1 taste and best believe you coming back…
It ain’t my fault…Blame God… i was created like that…
In fact I was born on the 7th day of May…
That means I destroy anything planted in my way…
You do it for the money
I do it for fun
You do it for the fame
And yet i’ve already won…
You do it for the shine
And I was born with mine
You do it for the girls
Cause I [bleep] them 1 night…

Ha….and I’m out…

Billie Simone © 2KX

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