‘Sposed to be a friend

Turned into a muse

Turned into lover

Gone now I’m filled

With shades of blue

Shades of you

Flowing through my brain

Flowing through my veins

What am I to do

I’m full of fear

But life is too short

To keep running from you

I asked…no I was specific

When I prayed for you

And still end up doing

What I always do

I got too close

Too fast

But didn’t need you…

I wanted you

And that…scared you

Billie Simone ©️2017

guess that’s just part of loving people: You have to give things up. Sometimes you even have to give them up.” – Lauren Oliver




You used to catch flights
To spend nights with me
You said
My bed was your
Favorite place to be
Like most, you
Filled my head with so
Many fantasies
Like my favorite kin, you disappeared
And got Ghost on me…

I wish I had the words
To describe
How much I miss
Your fingers twisting
My curls
My world is bleak
I can’t eat
I can’t sleep
I can’t believe
You fucking went
Ghost on me…

I know it’s my fault
I thought I could be
Thought I could be honest
And tell you how I really felt
Thought no matter what
I ever said or did
You’d still be right there
By my side
Hands…always in my hair…
Funny…you begged me to come
Only to leave me
Standing here…

But I knew…
You were too good to be true…
And soon…
One day…
I’d have to let you go…
I knew you weren’t real…
I knew you were just…

But I honestly…
Had… Hope…

I’m probably a fool for
Believing in you…
For holding on
All the beautiful
Memories between
You and me…
The loss of you is
an unbearable agony…
I wonder if you
Can still smell me…

Billie Simone © 2017


I had to take a pause
For the cause
Something about you
Miles away…So far
Yet you seem
To know the path to
My heart…
We want the same thing
A real and loyal love
Without any mistrust and
I know it won’t be easy
Know it won’t be a walk
In the park…
But I want to be
The last your thought
When you lie
In the dark
Need you to know
I’m won’t stray
When we’re apart…

I had to take
A pause for you…
Cause I haven’t
Been inspired in awhile
Haven’t felt the
Urge to go an extra mile
But you make
Me smile
You make the
Sacrifice worth the while
Patience has never
Been my thing
I tend to run
And throw in the towel
Cause someone
Always treats me

But I took
A Pause…
Opened my heart
To a possibility of
You and me
Pushed away
Any fear of doubt
And negativity
Only to have
You do what everyone
Else does to me…
Disappoint and leave…

Billie Simone © 2017



There is a fortress
Built long ago…that keeps me
From this thing called love.

Billie Simone © 2017



I try to love you
But all you do is run from
Me. It is exhausting.

Billie Simone © 2017





I smile at you
Pretty little thing
With no clue
She will never
Do for you…
What I do…
Never provide you
With a life of
Comfort and warmth
I am everything you want
And then some
Yet you prefer to run
I suppose I’m simply way
Above your standards…
Don’t you know
Real love matters?
She hasn’t and
She will never
Fill your soul
She will never
Unlock the mystery
Of your essence
Never appreciate
Your talents and presence
Yet you keep
Expecting something

I smile at you
Shaking my head
In confusion
Perhaps you find
The abusing
Maybe you think
You don’t deserve
The greatest love of all
She calls…and you ghost
But she’s not the one
Who loves you most…
And you know it.
But who am I to say
It’s me…
Maybe I’m wrong
And you two will
Live a long life together
Maybe even forever
But she will never
Love you like me
Listen to you
Inspire you
Ignite you like me
She will never
Want you
Adore you…
Fuck you like me
She will never…
Be as clever as me
Reach my level of desire
Passion and ecstasy
Go ahead Baby…
Try her and you’ll see
Be careful though…
you may lose me

Billie Simone © 2016




I ain’t crazy
Set in my ways maybe
Sometimes I’m lazy
But I ain’t playing
No games…
I’m not the same
Things…circumstances change
And I prayed
For you to come
Back my way
For another chance
One more opportunity
To show you who I really am
To learn you
Fall for you and
Lick you from your pussy to
Your ass…
Don’t mean to be so
Crass… but
Damn…it’s starting to hurt
Knowing I deserve
You…yet for some
Reason I can’t do
Anything to get
Your attention…
It’s killing me slowly
Hoping for something
That may only be a dream
Longing for the day
You come to me
And let me love you…
Cause I know that’s
What I am here to do…

Billie Simone © 2016