9.29.2016 – Mood Musik

It’s all I ever wanted…


9.20.16 – Mood Musik 

so i speak in poem…
and communicate with music…
thus, i mean this…
literally…word…for word… 💕

8.5.2016 – Mood Musik

8.5.2016 – Mood Musik

Losing it to waterfalls
Rip and tidy years ago
Buried under rivers all the doubt I didn’t notice
Cause’ maybe we learned for the magical
Carpet that belonged to those
The beautiful and mystical illusion
Not the broken… – NAO

7.22.2016 – Mood Musik

All you gotta do is say yes
Don’t deny what you feel let me undress you, babe
Open up your mind and just rest
I’m about to let you know you make me so, so
So, so, so, so, so, so
You make me so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so…..

[#VIDEO] “BROTHER” – Sam Trump ft. Add-2

Always a pleasure to share great music with you. This joint is even more special…it was written, and performed by my talented cousin, Mr. Sam Trump Harris!

Check out Sam Trump‘s beautiful new visuals for the moving track, “Brother”… Like, Comment, Share, Follow and show a BROTHER some love! 💋

7.18.2016 – Mood Musik

Nobody make me feel, make me feel like you do…Don’t nobody make me feel, make me feel like you do…I would give all my life for you…Girl you know I would cherish you… 💋

7.17.2016 – Mood Musik

7.17.2016 – Mood Musik

Dearly beloved (dearly beloved yeah)
It’s not about what I have
Never been the type
Never been the type to
Run away, I’m stayin’ right here (I’m stayin’, I’m stayin’)
Don’t run away, run away, run away, from your heart
Don’t run away, run away, run away, from your heart
Cause it will cost you, it’ll cost you your piece of mind
My, my, my, my dearly beloved – KR