When I let you love
Me…will you promise to be
Honest and just mine?

Billie Simone © 2016




Le Sigh…

They say be careful what
You ask for…
Baby…You are what I asked for
And much more…
Moving at a snail’s pace
But don’t count me out
I’m still in the race
I tend to chase my dreams
And it may seem
Like I’m not into you
But I do…really…really
Want you…
You know I do…
the sexual tension
between us…Sometimes
It’s hard to maneuver through
I still try to impress you
Try anything to turn your
Gray clouds blue…
Hard to tell if you
Want me or
Craving another
We’re “friends” right?
So tell me…why we keep
Running from each other…

They say
Friends are the best lovers…
Can’t tell you how many
Nights I prayed you’d walk
Back in my life
To start all over again…
I figured a fresh start…
And I could be your friend
Put an end
To the idea of an us…
I had no clue
This shit would be
Hard as fuck
But I’m a cool
Always a
Special kind of fool…
I know the game
I abide by the rules
I do me…
You do you…

They say
All is fair in love and war
I often wonder
What the hell are we waiting for…
Like we ain’t old
And life ain’t short
Putting the ball in
Each other’s court
Building forts around
Our hearts
Same ol’ shit
Knowing all of this
Aint no concidence
But would rather
Avoid it…
Maybe I’m just
Too romantic
Too soft
For you to
Fuck with…

Billie Simone © 2016


A new beginning for an old piece…no pun intended… ☺️



I’m proud of myself
Cause I usually
Keep my feelings
Hidden…rarely do
I share them with anyone else…
So when I decided
To share how I felt
It was a big deal to me
I needed you to
Understand and feel me…
So you see
Your silence speaks loudly
I hear everything
You are saying to me…

However…the Tea?

You said we would be
Yet I sit here wondering
If I’ll ever have the
Courage to be in
Your presence again
Wondering if I should
Walk…let it end
Before it even begins…
But I feel you like my skin
And to be honest
I wasn’t sent to be
Just a…Friend

I memorized
Every time you smiled
At me…
A slideshow of your
Beauty in photographic memory
You bring out the
Best in me
And ain’t even paying
Attention to me…
I’m just another
Suitor disturbing your
I stare at unanswered texts
And smile to myself
Cause I see I’ve
Left you perplexed…
But I get it…
I never meant to cause
You any trouble…
I never meant to make
You wet…

This scenario
Ain’t new to me
I never let grass grow
Under my feet
When I meet Sistas
Who make my heart
Skip a beat…
Keep a beautiful
Woman next to me…
But I confess…
I am deliberately
Running from our destiny
Cause honestly I
Am afraid of how happy
We could be…
And for once in my life
I need someone to
Fight for me…

Billie Simone © 2016



I am…

I hide between
My written lines
And women’s thighs…
I am…
A Pro-Black poet
Urban archivist
Black Lesbian…
Media Activist…Starving Artist
Hopeless romantic
I am…
Good Karma
A dream cum true
In every aspect
Put some repeckt
On my name
I’m one of the
Coldest in the game
New day Nikki Giovanni
In my prime
No one can stop me…

I am human…
A wild
Indigo child
A rebel with a cause
A faithful lover
With a broken heart
I am a dreamer
A giver
An optimistic
I am broken
Lost and confused
I am grown
I am a child
Sexually assaulted
And abused…

I am a reader
A writer
A fighter
A survivor…
I am woman’s
I am something else…
I am always left…alone
I am not a ho’
I been with a lot
Of women tho’
I am a boy and a girl
I am the best of
Both worlds…
I am real
I am true
I am…
Falling in love
With you…

I am…
A Musikhed…a Lyricist
An aggressive
A submissive…
I am exquisite
I am flawed
A beautiful mess
A gift from the God(s)
I am soft…
And I am hard
I am real
I am honest
I am loyal
I am monogamous…
I am Free
I am saved
I am confident
I am afraid…

Billie Simone © 2016

Cummin’ Soon…

SUITE 69: Black Lesbian Erotica, Volume 4 – The Final Chapter

Poetry & Photography By Billie Simone
Winter 2016


she came to the A’ 😏… and we’ve been having a blast ☺️ 

Rollin’ through the city with my woe…

Car ain’t got no roof…

Field trip…