I need you here…
I need to be fed
I need to kiss your
Succulent lips
And part your sexy legs
I need to taste you
Put my tongue deep
Inside your love
Slide my hand in softly
I bet it would fit
Like a glove…

I need you woman…
I need to feel you
Next to me
I want to witness your
Pussy get wet
For me…
I want to feel
Your clit and
Lips vibrate on me…
I want to see
Your face when
You cum for me…

I need you…
Yes you…and only you…
I need to know
What you gon’ do
When I come for you…
I need you now
Not later, or maybe…
I need you sitting
On my face on a daily
I need to be
Inside your pussy like it’s
Mine baby…

Billie Simone © 2016




I am heartbroken. So I did what I had to do. I hit up the muses, and two fell through. One rolled up the weed, while the other fixed up the drinks. My living room was full of smoke. We drank. We toked. We laughed. We talked. It was the foreplay.

Muse#1 begin to dance to the music. “Shadow Dance” by the Internet blared from my Beats pill, and we were all feeling good. Muse#2 joined in and begin to undress. I sat on the sofa watching…my mental dick got hard as a rock.

I sat on the sofa, watching the two beautiful women dancing in the nude. I couldn’t sit still…I slid my hand down my pants and begin to touch myself. Muse#1 noticed my solo action, and came over and begin to pull my Vans off…my pants and boxer briefs were next. She kneeled down in front of me on her knees, and put her mouth on me. My back arched, and I pulled her head deeper inside in my sex. She always knows just how to taste me.

Muse#2 knew what to do. She came over to the sofa, and stood above me. I lifted my head and pulled her warm pussy to my mouth and lost myself in her delicious sex. I sucked on her clit while finger-fucking her tight pussy. She rode my face just like I like it, and melted down my throat just like I knew she would. And before I knew it I was coming in Muse#1’s mouth. We all collapsed right there on the sofa.

Shortly thereafter we all retreated to the bedroom. Muse#2 lay on her back and Muse#1 crawled on top of her and they begin to grind on each other. It was so fucking hot, I strapped up, and slid behind Muse#1. I fucked her slow, but with deep long strokes until we all came again. We passed out. And woke up this morning…and did it all over again…

Now we’re having Brunch… I made us French toast, bacon, eggs, and mimosas. Still heartbroken, and vulnerable. Still hoping for the best. But grateful for the cum stains in my bed…

Billie Simone © 2015



You know
How to touch me
Without lifting a finger
Your kiss lingers
For days
And I am often
Left in a daze
After we make love…

You know
How to love me…
You get inside deeply
Like it’s life or death
You fuck me good
Til’ I’m out of
Cum and breath…


You know
How I like it…
How to get on
Top and ride me
Til’ tears of joy stream
Down my eyes
You know how to
Part my thighs
And find
My lips…
And you know just
How to suck
And lick me
So good
I can’t resist
I can’t help but
To explode…

You know…

Just what to
Say…just what
To do…
To get me on top
Of you…and
Fuck the shit
Out of you…
We slip…slide
We grind…
Clit to clit
A perfect fit
And baby
You know
Can’t get enough of it…
I’m Continue reading



Every night
I shut my eyes tight
Settle in my bed
Say a prayer
And I make love to you…

I kiss your soft lips
And lick your

I suck on your neck
Find your tongue
And kiss you deeply

I caress your succulent breasts
Nibble your nipples
And you moan
Softly…whisper my name
Your voice makes
Me melt all over

I make love to you…
Our bodies are magnets
You taste fantastic
And I lose myself
In the flavor of you…

I fuck you…
You part your legs wide
And your eyes
Invite me to put
My love…on your love…
And when we
Connect it’s

I fuck you…
I get so deep
I feel your heartbeat
I fuck you
So good you
Cum all over me…

Yeah…I fuck you
And never touch you
And you never
Even know…

I make love to you…
Every single night…

Billie Simone © 2014



u just left…

we spent
17 hours
and it
was heaven
and I’m
never gonna
what u did
to me…
i knew when
i opened the door
and hugged me
you were
spending the night
and we just
might get naked
and I reckon
u felt the same
you didn’t even
want the plate
of dinner I
it was me
u wanted
to devour
and lick
and u did…
and I can’t
front…it was
the shit…

17 hours
we made love
we fucked
pizza hut
smoked mad
fucked up
taking turns
diggin’ in
each others
and after
17 hours
i still don’t
think i’ve had

in my day…
i have had
a few
but I must confess
none never
left my
pussy beggin’
like now
throbbin’ like this
it’s like
i’m on some
shit, and this
was just
our first suite69
so shit
what the
fuck you
gon’ do to
my lil’ ass
the next time…

writing this
sitting at my desk
17 hours
i’m still wet
down to
my ankles
and I aint
gonna even
wipe it
i don’t want
my mind or
pussy to deny
because the
more I fight
it the more
hot it gets it
and i can’t
that this
ain’t serious…

we just…
kickin’ it…

but these
17 hours we spent
to me was more
than just
some freaky shit

i felt it…

we connected…

i acknowledge it
and respect it
with open
arms accept it
and appreciate
your non-hesitation
considering my current

ma…I thank ya…

and if we never
do this again
i just wanted you
to know
that was the best
17 hours in my life
i ever
fucking spent…


kisses on your clit

billie simone © 2007

EROTICA: “cum 4 me”

Lay down or
Stand up
It Don’t matter
Open wide and
Let me glide
My tongue
Deep inside
I want…
I need…
U 2

Cum 4 me…

I wanna
Suck u…
Massage your
Love with my
Til every
Drop of your
suite stuff
pours out…
I need to hear
You scream
And shout

Cum 4 me…

Let me
Get on top
Of you…
Get in my
And show
You what I got
Pretty mama
Ha…Show what you
Been missin’…
My oral
Fixation is
A muthafucka
And I’m tired
Of not
Being your
Even if
Its for a reason
Or season
I need to be
your pussy…

Cum 4 me

All over
My face…
I don’t give a fuck
I love woman nut
And I drink
That shit up
Like kool-aid
And can’t no
Body give a
Woman head
like B…shit
I’m a Superfreak
And I beg thee
2 take a chance
Be free…
Be suite…

Cum 4 me

billie simone © 2007

POEM: “when we…” [EROTICA]

you know what
i was thinkin’
when we fuck
its gon be something
out of this world
cuz girl u stay
on my pussy’s mind
and i keep
trying to deny
the inevitable
just call me
the “suite”
i’m already
wet and
and you
have my
permission to
dig in
its cool
say no words
it will be
written all
over your face…

when we fuck
we gon’ nut
so hard
i hope you don’t
have a heart
in fact
You may need to
get a physical
cause i aint playing
i think
about our future fuckin’
while masturbating
and i ain’t
hatin’ on those
you’ve had
but after we fuck
you won’t
want another in
your bed
i’m dead serious
stop being

cause when
we fuck
its gon’ be
i ain’t lying
i’m gon’ have your
asshole cryin’
tears of ecstasy
baby i don’t
think you’re hearing me
i’m gon’ be real…
shit…you outta fear b
cause i’m
gonna fuck you
woman i’m gonna
make you remember
me everytime
you smile…
i’m gonna go
the extra miles to
curl your toes…
So you will
always cherish
and treasure
your suite moment
with billie simone…

oh baby
when we fuck
i’m gonna suck
you bone dry
try to put you
on a cloud 69
and we gon
fly high..
higher than
and forever be
on each others
lips and nips
nestled between
clits & slits
cause when we
fuck our
hips gon be
faster than
hustla on the run
and i ain’t
sayin’ i’m gon’
be the best
one you ever had
but i know
for sure
you ain’t go be
in fact i put
my rep
on the line
when we fuck
its gon’
be more
than just
a suite 69
it might just
be the
fuck of your

Billie Simone © 2007