‘Sposed to be a friend

Turned into a muse

Turned into lover

Gone now I’m filled

With shades of blue

Shades of you

Flowing through my brain

Flowing through my veins

What am I to do

I’m full of fear

But life is too short

To keep running from you

I asked…no I was specific

When I prayed for you

And still end up doing

What I always do

I got too close

Too fast

But didn’t need you…

I wanted you

And that…scared you

Billie Simone ©️2017

guess that’s just part of loving people: You have to give things up. Sometimes you even have to give them up.” – Lauren Oliver




She in her feelings
Over her feelings for me…
She fiends softly
When I stimulate
All her senses
She running scared
She can’t fuck with me…
But secretly
She wants me…
She think I’m cocky
Finds anyway to
Knock me down…
She smiles when
I fall and get
Right back up
Even more in love…
She blushes
She’s something…
She touches a part
Of me…
That even I had
Not discovered…
I love her
But I don’t hover….
And it makes her
And feel unwanted…
In her…

Billie Simone © 2016



I can’t keep my mind
Off you
This brand new
I can’t forsaken…
I want you…
More than anyone I’ve
Ever encountered
Need you
Like air to breathe
And I know you notice it
All…including me.
What do we do…
Something is brewing
Between me and you…
I try to fight it
You try to deny it
Yet we keep
Locking eyes and smiling…
I think
You should be with me
Spend some time
In my meter and rhyme
Take a walk in
My similes and
Dance in my metaphor
Stimulate my
Mind by nurturing
My inner wordwhore…
Skip inside my soul
And mediate…
Find your place
In my world…
I hope our babygirl
has your smile…

Billie Simone © 2016


PSALM 40:1
I waited patiently for the LORD; and he inclined unto me, and heard my cry.

Every day I wake up is a blessing to me and those who want me in their lives. So waking up has been the best thing for me recently. Knowing someone is looking forward to seeing you smile or hearing your voice is an incredible feeling.  However, when you are moving forward on your path and journey, there will be many distractions. Work, family, friends, lovers…can give you a false sense of reality and safety. Sometimes we seek comfort in the very obstacle(s) that hinder us.

When these times occur, it is very important to focus on your life’s purpose and destiny. What is meant for you, will find you, if you keep your mind clear of clutter. I speak from experience when I say, you can not move forward if you allow negative energy to consume you. Because we are human, with feelings and emotions, it can be difficult forcing yourself to be selfish, and care more about yourself than others.

I have learned that you must be loyal to yourself first. Only you and the Creator really know who you are and what your intentions are. Often times we are unable to fully communicate with sincerity with others due to…fear. Fear has alway been my biggest hinderance. I’ve never been one to instigate a confrontation or welcome one for that matter. I don’t like to “rock the boat”. I’ve never been one to fully express myself verbally. I’ve always used my writing as my mean of communication. I’ve never had the courage to tell someone they are hurting me…when they are hurting me. Thus, my temper would always get the best of me. And I’m still a work in progress.

 In my experience I’ve learned that sometimes you simply have to say how you feel. You have to be honest with yourself and the people who love and care for you. You have to communicate your thoughts, fears, and concerns…otherwise, how will the people who love and care do you know?

I’ve always been a very emotional person. I am a product of my environment and make no apologies for my life experiences. I see things as black and white. Right and wrong. There is nothing in between. At the same time, I will never proclaim to be something I am not. Or put myself on a pedestal like I am perfect. I am not perfect. But I do my best to walk a righteous path.

People will assume, judge, and convict you, and have absolutely no idea who you are. Keeping your head held high, and your faith strong will propel you to a better place. I promise.

When I am being attacked, unjustly accused, abused,
misunderstood, and berated… I find comfort in knowing that the Creator is watching over me. When I am in my darkest moments, when I am hurting, and alone… I am not lonely. Because 1) I play very well by myself, and don’t need an entourage, or human to entertain me. And 2) I am loved, and a child of God… And whatever happens in my life…was already written…  

As I continue on my journey, I look forward to crossing paths with loving, honest, loyal, seekers like myself. I had so much sorrow and disappointment in my life…but it made me the woman I am today.

I am proud of me. I take care of myself, by myself. I have everything I need and want. I have been so blessed and I’m so grateful for all the beauty that is my life today. And thankful for those who truly love and support me…