It’s not love
This feeling inside me
Eating away at my insides
It was all a lie
And I wish the memories
Would fly away
Because every time
I try to forget and
I get caught up
In the possibility
That you actually may have
Loved me…
But I know better
You lust for me
Yet settle for lesser…
And who am I to judge
Or question your decisions
Why should I care
If you choose
To love and live
In mediocrity…
Just please…don’t ever say…
You love me…
It’s not love
It couldn’t have been
It never was…
Love doesn’t lie
Or make you cry
Night after night
Love doesn’t pretend….
True love never
Gives in to sin…and temptation
So what you think you felt
Or feel isn’t real
It’s an imitation…
So don’t try to convince
Me or yourself
That what you turned your
Back on and left behind
is still Alive…
Because whatever it was
It has withered away
And died….

Billie Simone © 2014






What ever happens to the
Things never said
Are they shoved
In the back of closets
Neatly folded In dresser drawers
Or kicked under
The bed…
Are they alive…
Or dead
Waiting to come back to
Haunt us and
Play with our heads…

Billie Simone © 2014



My heart had been on
But every time
I see your smile
I can feel it beat a little…
You make that
Cute pouty face
And it giggles…
You hit me up
Say you’re coming
Over and
It wiggles…
You quote my
Poems and
It gets so tickled…
You played my favorite
Now it wants
To wants to
Live…and build with you…

Billie Simone © 2014


Celibacy sucks; especially when you are surrounded by beautiful women on a daily basis. Everyday I am tempted to rip some poor, helpless woman’s clothes off, and give her the best head of her life or die trying…

I undress them with my mind and eyes, step into my Suite 69, and I write about the “urges” instead. And usually I’m satisfied and fulfilled…but not this time. I’m in my…sexual prime, and who the fuck wants to waste any second of that… *long sigh

I know..and yes…it is a choice. I have no intentions of having sex for just pleasure. I truly only want to make love to the the woman I will spend the rest of my life with. But I don’t know how long I can take It. I haven’t had sex without being in a relationship since I was in my 20’s. And though the “friends with benefits” situation actually ignited my writing career, I remember how lonely, empty, hurt, and confused it left me. Even now, sharing it with you here, has brought back some of those Suite Memories… of the years, (yes) I said years I put myself through the torture. Last time I saw her I tried to give her a copy of my 2nd book that I had just released, and she turned away from me; wouldn’t even look my way. Needless to say, #TheCatalyst and I aren’t friends today. And I don’t want that to ever happen to me again…

This isn’t my first time taking a moment to rid my life of the spiritual debris from a previous lover. I’ve always said I am the best lover I ever had, and it’s still true. I can turn myself on with my thoughts and climax easily. But my head hurts… I need something more than these “masturbating mind fucks”… And I want to finally meet the one who will love me physically…better than me.

I want to be touched. I want to be kissed. Bitten. Scratched. Tickled. Caressed. Fondled…Made love to and fucked…by Her.

I want to touch…Her.
Make love…and
Fuck Her!

At any rate, I’m frustrated. I’m irritated. I wanna throw some shit. I have insomnia. I hate everyone. I work all the overtime available just so I can keep my mind preoccupied. It’s not working. I think about sex 24 hours a day. And all I can say is I feel sorry for her…whomever she may be…I hope I don’t hurt her. But I can do this…I know…I can do this…

So…with that said…Future Wife…if you are reading this…you should feel real special right now…because I’m saving all my love for you…

So can you cross my path soon… please, baby please, and thank you?

I love you



[POEM] 100%


She isn’t…
But she handles
Her business
And that shit is sexy…
She’s a survivor
With a gift of gab
She Bad…
Bad meaning good
Cultured but
Know the hood…
The life of the party
Yet private and reserved…
She’s a leader…teacher…
Matriarch and preacher
When I need her…
She got my front
Middle, back all that
A lady…always
But in tuned with inner bitch
Steps in any room
And slays…
Leaves the kids
Stunned for days
Stalkers and fans prey
And pray for her attention
But it’s me that’s
Getting it…
Even if it is innocent…
She’s giving me

Billie Simone © 2014
Original Artwork by Lovie Olivia



It’s Awkward
This silence between
You and I…
Questions cloud
My mind
For reasons why
It rained on our parade…
I wasn’t ready
For the energy shift
And shade…
I made up my mind
Days ago
To go with the flow
Be honest
With myself and
Not fall for the
Perhaps my wall is
Too high…too wide
Too strong
For penetration
At this time
For me to understand
The who, what, and
Why in my life…
Funny how when
We are alone
It all seems
So right…

Billie Simone © 2014




She crushed my
Crush on her…
Like an aluminum can
Headed for the
Recycle bin…
Crushed like a big
Bug under her shoe
My insides are oozing
Out my sides…
Pulverized my feelings
With her bear hands
And blew them away
Like dust and sand…

Billie Simone © 2014