‘Sposed to be a friend

Turned into a muse

Turned into lover

Gone now I’m filled

With shades of blue

Shades of you

Flowing through my brain

Flowing through my veins

What am I to do

I’m full of fear

But life is too short

To keep running from you

I asked…no I was specific

When I prayed for you

And still end up doing

What I always do

I got too close

Too fast

But didn’t need you…

I wanted you

And that…scared you

Billie Simone ©️2017

guess that’s just part of loving people: You have to give things up. Sometimes you even have to give them up.” – Lauren Oliver





I ain’t crazy
Set in my ways maybe
Sometimes I’m lazy
But I ain’t playing
No games…
I’m not the same
Things…circumstances change
And I prayed
For you to come
Back my way
For another chance
One more opportunity
To show you who I really am
To learn you
Fall for you and
Lick you from your pussy to
Your ass…
Don’t mean to be so
Crass… but
Damn…it’s starting to hurt
Knowing I deserve
You…yet for some
Reason I can’t do
Anything to get
Your attention…
It’s killing me slowly
Hoping for something
That may only be a dream
Longing for the day
You come to me
And let me love you…
Cause I know that’s
What I am here to do…

Billie Simone © 2016


A new beginning for an old piece…no pun intended… ☺️




So yeah…
I have this horrible habit
of falling for women unavailable to
in some form or fashion…

Passed by
Picked over
I’m never chosen
Something always

I reek love…so much I believe it’s become a repellent…

But I’m a lover
I can’t help it…

I’m still healing…
Still learning…
Still growing…

Hoping I don’t leave this earth
Too soon…

Cause eventually
I’d like to marry


Billie Simone © 2016



Have mercy on me
I’m not who
I used to be…
I was kind
I was honest
I was sweet…
I was giving
I was loving
I was caring
I was meek

Then she…They
Made a fool of me…
And I’m still

Billie Simone © 2016



I want you
You want him
He wants her
She wants me…
Love’s a mystery
Forever missing me…

I keep telling myself to
Let it go…
And truthfully it’s
Cause I know it’s not
Going to be easy…
Breaking down all
The walls around your
Heart is going to be
One hell of a challenge
Not sure if
I possess the strength
To handle it all…
But should you happen
To somehow fall
I’d be at your beck and call…

I want you
You want him
He wants her
She wants me
Love’s a mystery
Forever missing me…

We always want the
One we can’t have
You can’t see it
But I’m crying when
I laugh…
This shit is my hard
My nigga…
My love is bigger than
That nigga’s
But I figure
Loving him is just easier…
However… I ain’t no punk
I ain’t no quitter in
Anything I decide to do
So if I have to believe in
It’s gonna be you…


Here It Is
2016 by Alice Walker

Here it is
the beauty that scares you
-so you believe-
to death.
For he is certainly gorgeous
and he is certainly where whiteness
to your disbelief
has not wandered off
to die.
No. It is there, tawny skin, gray eyes,
a Malcolm-esque jaw. His loyal parents
may Goddess bless them
sitting proud and happy and no doubt
at what they have done.

For he is black too. And obviously
with a soul
made of everything.
Try to think bigger than you ever have
or had courage enough to do:
that blackness is not where whiteness
wanders off to die: but that it is
like the dark matter
between stars and galaxies in
the Universe
that ultimately
holds it all