I wonder if you hate me
Cause you ain’t me
Wonder why you watch me
From afar, yet never bother
To say I’m sorry…
I was a friend and more
Perhaps you
Have amnesia…
You act as if I never existed
In fact…even said my presence
Wasn’t needed
And that’s fine
It hurt my pride but
Life has been swell
Without having to dwell
On making you smile
Though every once
And awhile I wonder
If you are well…
You always have a
Story to tell
And I guess I miss
The way you spoke
Your truth… To be honest
I am…still connected
To you, and I don’t mind
Just hope someday
You find some time
To have an honest conversation
With your self…
I don’t care that you
Fell in love with someone else
I just really hate
The way you left…

You mad
Cause I loved you
And wanted you…
But didn’t need you?
Mad cause I find you
Absolutely beautiful
On the inside…
Mad cause I tell no lies?
You mad cause I turn
You on…
Mad cause I know
Your favorite songs?
Mad cause I write
About you in my poems…
Mad cause I
Love me…all of me
Flaws included
And never dispute any
You mad…
Cause I’m real
And I spit shit that
Make you feel
Some kind of way?
Mad cause my smile
My voice can make
Or break your day?
Mad cause I’m confident
I’m different
And know when
Connections are meant
Mad cause I’m very
In tuned with my
Sixth sense?
You used to say
It all the time…
“You make me sick…”

What can I say…
I miss you some times
And can feel when
Tears run down your eyes
And you just turn
A blind eye on it all…
Cause you can’t fall for me…
You’d rather live between
The lines of my rhymes
Than be a reality in my life…
You want to run…hide
Start a whole new life
With a woman you
Know ain’t right…
Too proud
Too arrogant
Too free…
To take my advice…
Yet still
You find a moment
To take a glimpse
In my life…
Every single day…
Every single…night
You mad…right?

Billie Simone © 2016





I’ve written
Some of my best
Write there between
Your thighs…
I tried to swallow all of
Your sorrow
And pain
Drowned myself
In your love rain…
And now…
My art
My life…
Will never be
The same…

Billie Simone © 2014




There is no competition
All is fair in love and war
But this is my
Final mission…
I’ve waited all
My life for you…
I’m patient and
Can wait a little longer
Each day passes
My love just
Gets stronger…
So do whatever you
Need to do
To rid your system
Of her…them…
The ones who fill
You with confidence
And hollow adulations
I ain’t hating
I’m just saying…
Just let me know
When you’re ready
To live the rest
Of your life
As my wife
And mother of
Of my kids…
Let me know when I
Don’t have to
Pretend that
We just kickin’ it
And mere friends…
Holla at ya Boi
When I am allowed
To kiss you
Treat you…
Give you all
You ever wanted…
Let me know…
Let me know…
Let me know…
When you’re ready
For ME

Billie Simone © 2014



No poem or song has
Been written to describe the
Way I feel for you…

Billie Simone © 2014



They must be steel
The walls we’ve
Built to keep
Us from
Making love…
No hugs
No kisses
Or cuddles allowed
I am…
You are
Too proud
Too afraid
To let go of the past
And explore
The present…
Each other’s…presence…
And…I…am here
With open legs
And arms
Yearning for your love
And want to
Keep you safe…
Spilling cum…
But only…
If it’s…love…
I can’t (just) fuck you
For fun
As much as I’d
Love to
I just think I…you…we
Deserve much
Much more…

Billie Simone © 2014




But hoping you
Can you hear me
I don’t say it but
Clearly…you know…
I hope it shows
In my actions
I want you…badly
But timing
Is everything…
You smell like love
And it’s getting harder…
I see you and
My mouth waters…
I catch myself from
Running my fingers
Through your hair…
I tell myself
Not to stare
But your inner beauty
Glares and
Makes my heart smile…

But hoping you
Can you feel me
I scream your name
silently in my fantasies…
You’ve taken my
Mind hostage and
Now I’m bound by
Your fire…
I fight and struggle
With my desires
Because I want to
Be all you want
And require…
So I stand on the sidelines
While you dip and slide
In and out your
Summer flings
Cause me…
I’m the real thing…
And I want you to be
Even if it’s not with me…

But I’m hoping… 😏

Billie Simone © 2014


[POEM] 100%


She isn’t…
But she handles
Her business
And that shit is sexy…
She’s a survivor
With a gift of gab
She Bad…
Bad meaning good
Cultured but
Know the hood…
The life of the party
Yet private and reserved…
She’s a leader…teacher…
Matriarch and preacher
When I need her…
She got my front
Middle, back all that
A lady…always
But in tuned with inner bitch
Steps in any room
And slays…
Leaves the kids
Stunned for days
Stalkers and fans prey
And pray for her attention
But it’s me that’s
Getting it…
Even if it is innocent…
She’s giving me

Billie Simone © 2014
Original Artwork by Lovie Olivia