‘Sposed to be a friend

Turned into a muse

Turned into lover

Gone now I’m filled

With shades of blue

Shades of you

Flowing through my brain

Flowing through my veins

What am I to do

I’m full of fear

But life is too short

To keep running from you

I asked…no I was specific

When I prayed for you

And still end up doing

What I always do

I got too close

Too fast

But didn’t need you…

I wanted you

And that…scared you

Billie Simone ©️2017

guess that’s just part of loving people: You have to give things up. Sometimes you even have to give them up.” – Lauren Oliver



I want to start over
I want to try again
I want to be more than your
Lover…I want to be your
Heartbeat and best friend…
I want a second chance
To show you
You are the one for me
I still believe
We were meant to be…

Billie Simone © 2015



I ain’t no fucking “cougar”. I refuse to accept any label, but I particularly despise that one.

Since I’ve lived in Atlanta, I cannot go anywhere without my identification. I could get away with that shit at home. Here? Nope. I know you’re supposed to take it wherever you go…but damn. To be asked for identification every single time you go into a store, or order a drink at a restaurant is a bit much.

I try to take it as a compliment. Especially when younger women flirt with me. I have come to the conclusion that I will more than likely date younger women as I continue on my journey. Most women my age have children and don’t want anymore. A lot of them don’t work out, or have a spontaneous spirit. Of course it would be nice to meet someone my age or within two to three years younger with the same goals, interests, and desires. I just haven’t met any lately.

It’s interesting dating women ten or more years younger than me. I’ve encountered some beautiful, old souls. But I’ve also noticed the difference in maturity, and priorities.I’m still getting used to being called “Bae” 😏. The babies text “talk” more than they like to have actually conversations or face to face communication. And a few have mistaken me for a “sugar mama”. Needless to say, as I play my part in this dating game, I’ll say it once, and I’ll say it again… I do not pay to give or receive time, head, or love. Furthermore, I ain’t not fucking cougar on the prowl looking for a pretty girl to stunt with. If anything, I’m looking for a boss. So whether you are my age, or young enough to be my daughter, have your shit at least semi together before engaging in any type of romantic relationship with me. You’ll save us both a great deal of time and sleepless nights.