9.23.2016 – Mood Musik

You got em’ wastin’ your time, wastin’ your time….What must I do to make you mine?


9.9.16 – Mood Musik

Cum…close ☺️



Beautiful one…
My little damsel in distress
Killing me softly
In that sundress
No worries.
No pressure.
No stress.
I know one day
You’ll undress yourself
And show me
What lies on the inside…
Time will tell a story well
I won’t dwell on
Your present relationshit
Won’t even speak
On it…
What’s done is done
His time with you
Has come and gone
And our journey
Together has begun 
I’m just spittin’ was written…
And it’s time we
Start living it…

I know this is
Probably never even
Entered your mind
But I’m no coincidence
I’m just as rare as
You are…
And no matter how
Far you are away
I feel you in
Every part of me
Face it…
It’s an inevitable destiny
Open your mind
And you will see…

I know you
Probably reading this
Thinking… “Shit…she trippin'”
And I’m sitting here
Myself thinking…
“What…the entire fuck”
But you the only one
On my mind
And in my rhymes
So I appreciate
And thank you in advance for
Any time you can spend…
I miss you
And can’t wait to build
With you again…

Billie Simone @ 2016

8.30.2016 – Mood Musik

I’m far from a pimp…but I’m close to you… You fucking with an old soul, twice removed…



I said I was going
To let it go…
This thing I feel for you
But I can’t…
And usually the word “can’t”
Ain’t even in my
Vocabularies but
My feelings for you
Are even scary
To me…
You see…
I’m just as confused
As you…
But life is too short
Not to fight for you
And I don’t know
How…when…or where
But I’m supposed
To love you…

Billie Simone © 2016

8.15.2016 – Mood Musik

8.16.2016 – Mood Musik

8.12.2016 – Mood Musik

You know you fine, baby you know that you fine
I’m just tryna make you mine
Tryna make you mine, yeah I’m tryna make you mine