6.18.2016 – Mood Musik

I miss you… 😏




Who are you?
I wanna know
Gotta know…
Who you are to me
I need to know
Your purpose for
Disrupting my life
Need to know
If you’re my friend
Or future wife
Want to know
Your gifts, your talents
Your weaknesses
And strengths
Your favorite color
Flower, diamond,
Designer… All that shit
I wanna know you
Inside and out
I need to know
What this connection
Is all about…
Who are you?
And why does your smile
Seem like home…
Your voice…your laughter
my new favorite song?
Where have you been
And what took you so long?

Billie Simone © 2016



I thought she was
The One…
I swear I did.
I was ready to marry her
Ass and have her kids
But she dipped…
Left me broken
Like her predecessors
Put me through
Hell during the
Quest for her love…
I ain’t ever loved
A woman like I
Loved her…
Never thought I’d
Have the strength
To love another…
Spread myself thin
Between area codes
And a plethora of lovers
And I can’t front
I still love her…
But then… I met you…

And I don’t love
Her like I used to…

Billie Simone © 2016

6.13.2016 – Mood Musik

There is no competition….

6.12.2016 – Mood Musik

6.12.2016 – Mood Musik

She got me stuck Bruh…she got me tripping
Fine as fuck but she say she don’t date women
and I ain’t bothered do you see me pressed or flinching
I just want her in my bed and in my kitchen…

And that’s a compliment…

6.11.2016 – Mood Musik

Life is short… Stop lurking…
It’s real… I am real…

6.10.2016 – Mood Musik

This is the song that played in my head the day I met you….