Play YOUR Positon

Play YOUR Position

I love my friends. With that said, rarely am I one to insert myself in their relationships. We all have been there. Our “friend” more like brother or sister begins seeing someone new, and what do they do? They get ghost! And if we are “friends” it’s important that we respect our friend’s time and space.

The first few months, years even, are essential to every relationship and friendship. As friends, usually we will never come before the new “boo”. Get over it now. And as friends, we must think positive, and trust our “friends” judgement when it comes to these scenarios.

Opinions are indeed like assholes. Everyone has one, and it’s no surprise.
We all want the best for our friends.
But it’s one thing to express an opinion, and being rude as fuck! Bottomline…play your position!!! Be my friend, and not some over opinionated, miserable, can’t keep a woman ya damn self, hating ass niqqa. Tell me how you feel, but tread lightly if you don’t want me to compare your current and previous relationships. Truth be told, if you haven’t had a long-term relationship that’s lasted over seven years, we pretty much in the same boat homie… Know in advance that I appreciate your concerns, comments, and love. Know that I will consider most, if not all what you say, because you ARE my friend, and I respect your thoughts. But don’t involve yourself too much in my affairs. It’s a thin line between concern and and just being too damn nosey…aka a HATER…

Love you…and don’t forget…PLAY YOUR POSITION…be my friend…play brother…sister…cousin… cause you could never be my wife…and it would be nice if you two got along! Don’t make me choose….




POEM: “quiet storm”

I suppose it’s that season
You never need
A reason to creep into my life
Separated for years
Blinded by fears
Yet you’re still here
My wife…
A quiet storm
One of The reasons I was
Created and blessed
To be born…
But I’m still torn
Between you…
And being alone…
It’s easy
Loving you from afar
We both want more
But the mere
Thought of you hurting me
And me hurting you
Shuts down any
Discussion about us
becoming one…
We’d rather stay true
And remain… Two
It took me awhile
To accept our fate
But I look forward
To our random
Text Dates
And hate it has to be
This way…
Perhaps one day
We’ll grow up
And stop fucking up
Other’s peoples lives
With our ulterior motives
And lies…
You and I
Will always be more
Than what the
Eyes can see…
A quiet storm
That’s you and me…

Billie Simone © 2KX

POEM: “mutual”


I crave you
I can’t even find
The words to describe
The way my mouth waters
At the thought of
Simply you…

And it kills me
Cause you know it…

I send subliminals
And you blow ’em out
Like second hand smoke
Jokes on me…
All of H’Town
Is laughing…at B…

I guess it is kinda funny
Soon as I fell
I started running like
Jackie Joyner Kersee
I’ll be damn if I let another
Woman hurt me…
So I did what cowards do…

I never…ever…
Regretted anything in my life
Until that moment…
And most of my days
Are spent hoping
It was a dream…
And if it wasn’t meant to be
I wish I could
Carve you out me…

Cause you…
Got inside…my insides’ insides…
And you are still there
Lingering in every
Nook and cranny
And Every crevice and
Ain’t no woman…
Ain’t nobody…
Every penetrated me like that…

You LOVED me…
I couldn’t believe it…
And woman…baby…suite lady
And I can’t accept
That perhaps
You are just a muse…

How sad…
Because I would die for you…

And I know…
It’s Mutual…

Just wanted you
To know…
I Miss you…

Billie Simone © 2KX

POEM: Home Is Where The Heart Is

I close my eyes
And I am there…
Parting your thighs
Trying to find
My way home…

Billie Simone © 2KX

POEM: “fuck that bitch”

Fuck That Bitch
If she don’t want you
You know I do
I ain’t ever stop
Loving you
Even after all the
Bullshit we put
each other through…

Fuck that bitch
The shit was all
A game to her anyway
She played
She lost
She couldn’t pay the cost
Never had what it
Took to be The head of household
And the whole thing
Was cold and grimey
And I could still choke
Yo’ ass…
But fuck it…you my wifey…
In sickness or health
Poverty or wealth
For better…for worse…
I did my dirt
I ain’t perfect
I probably deserved it
Karma is a bitch
And I’ve had my share of it
Now it’s time to
Get down to business………


Fuck That Bitch…

She lucky she even
I was on some
But I prayed
And asked God
To help me understand
her trespasses
And who could
Resist your sexy ass
I’m just sayin’
I know what I had
I know what I want
Why front?

Fuck That Bitch
Tell her to come
Get all her stuff
Cause Billie Simone
Is coming home…
And Tell her dumb ass
I told her so…

Billie Simone © 2KX

POEM: “she says”

She says:

She loves me
She wants me
She needs me
She craves me
She can and will treat me better
She will write me love letters
She will be honest
She will be loyal
She will be committed
She will have our children
She will wash my clothes
She will never believe the bullshit
She will cook when I don’t want to
She gon’ push me to do things I don’t want to do..
She gon’ take care of me
She gon’ be here til my dying day
She gon’ always be my #1 fan
I will be a priority
I will learn to love perfectly
I will never have to worry
I will be hers even after I’m buried…

And I believe her…

Billie Simone © 2KX


My random
Poetic rambling
About you
May seem corny
But most women
Bore me
Yet the mere thought
Of thee
Makes my mind horny
And all I can do
Create these lyrical lullabies
About you…
I don’t know what to do…
Or say…
I hear your voice
And I begin to
Replay the nights and days
We shared…
I was…you were…
Scared to believe…
Sometimes it seems
We scared to BE ♥’ed
We are each others’
And continue to ♥ each other
Despite the weather
And it’s constant changes
This ain’t a fairytale ♥
Woman I claimed THIS
And at night when I’m
Alone it’s you
I miss…
Your suite kiss…
The sway your hips…
My mouth
Full of your left nip…
Oh…How I wish…
You were just a bit
The older THIS
Romance gets…I’m convinced
Patience is indeed a
I ♥ you…
is worst than
Any virus or flu…
THIS♥ has me…
♥sick over you…
Torn between
Temptation and you..
No boundaries set
Yet I stay true…
For once in my life
I do what
I’m “supposed” to do…
Is just…what
I’ve needed…
I’ll be…seeing you…soon…
Pick a date
We jumping the broom
And I won’t rest until
My egg is growing in you…
Is the truth…

Billie Simone © 2KX